Good & Green aims at inspiring Eco-ethical living

In last few years the world has gone through few significant shifts. Human civilization has made immense progress in achieving growth and development by advancing technology. On the other hand, our long demanded sustainability fall into the brink of question and climate change has become the most critical problem human race has ever faced.

DSC_9628 diary picThe market of shopping and fashion bag, paper, and handicraft is a billion dollar market globally but the working condition, payment and life standard of people working in these industries is one of the worst conditions.

We understand these challenges & problems and we hate to sit still when our mother earth is losing its glamour by every passing day & artisans are getting less than what they deserved. We want to make our own contribution.

And Good & Green is here to act. Good & Green exists to inspire Eco-ethical living. Designing brilliant Eco-ethical products we aspire to make long desired intersection between quality living and social good. We believe it’s our responsibility to leave the world a better place to live than we found it.

What we Produce:
We create echo-ethical products- our products ranges from Eco-friendly jute shopping bag, Ladies Hand bag, Hand made Jute paper, Paper bag, Diary, Cards and home décor items. Please look into our product section to have an in-depth understanding about what we produce.

DSC_9613 Shopping Bag

What we aim for:
We believe business and social good is possible. In past years we’ve come across many industries, companies that could act more Eco-ethically and make money too. Our vision is to bring Eco-ethical process and practice in these industries by giving them brilliant alternative.