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The mission we’re embarking on cannot be achieved single handedly; we need your support, cooperation and feedback. In order to engage people with conscience & passion for echo-ethical products we have our Representative/Ambassador program. Under this program we give ways to interested people to involve with us to make the world a better place to live.

These Representatives are our network of supporters who deeply resonate with the values of Eco-ethical product & socially conscious venture – they become Representatives of our work and products in their cities, community or country.

The mission we’re going to embark on cannot be achieved single handedly; we need your support, cooperation and feedback. In order to engage people with conscience & passion for echo-ethical products we have our Representative program.

If you are passionate about Eco-ethical products, fashion and want to make impact, please read on! You could be the representative of ‘Good&Green’ in your country/city/institute.

What does a Representative do?

  • Representatives help ‘Good&Green’ to expand its visibility and retail network by ordering our Eco-ethical products and selling them forward in their city – through private events, or existing retail network, or ways they like. The minimum order depends on category, and the frequency of orders is contingent on sales and the representative’s willingness to take risk.
  • We encourage our Representatives to approach retailers in their cities to establish more sustainable sales channels for our products.
  • We try our best to accommodate Representatives’ preferences for designs while ordering.

What does a Representative get?

  • Remuneration on every sale
  • Gift items with their first order 
  • Recognition as a ‘Good&Green’ representative and access to our global network of do-gooders, that we’re working to build with people like you
  • The power to influence our designs and prices 
  • The opportunity to contribute to the solution of one of the most critical problem of our time.
  • The chance to be part of a network of dynamic, inspiring people.

What do we want in our Representative?

  • A strong passion for our cause, and a willingness to invest in buying our products upfront to support it
  • An interest in Eco-ethical product and fashion
  • A strong network in their cities
  • A charismatic persona and ability to market our brand and our cause

Why you should care?

  • Making the world a better place to live is not our lone responsibility. We wish you do your part to leave the world a better place to live to your next generation than you got it.
  • We are embarking on a journey to create an Eco-ethical brand from Bangladesh and you should put your hands with us to ensure better living standard for people with less
  • We are on a mission to ensure Eco friendly products with ethical production process
  • We ensure that our community of artisans get their pay right away and live a better life

How to get involved

To get involved, email us at <> and tell us why you want to be a Good&Green representative! We will reply and set up a time to chat with you.  

Fill up this form: why you want to be a Good&Green representative

What it means to work at Good&Green?

We all know that the world has gone through few major shifts in last few years and is on constant change. As a consequence business is undergoing a significant structural change. Today business is the catalyst of social change and goodness. Ultimately, business and social good is possible. That means massive opportunities for newer, agile players to come in and disrupt the space.

If you’re interested in working for a start-up with a vision to put business and social good together, we’re putting together an exceptional team of linchpins to make things happen. You’ll help change the face of business and be part of a team building the first truly Eco-ethical global brand from Bangladesh.

However, if there is no formal open position, we check out every resume we receive to bring people that match with our requirements.

Even if there isn’t a specific role to meet your background, feel free to drop us a line anyway. We review every single resume.

Check out Open Positions.

Be an insider/join inner circle

We want our creative process to involve an ongoing conversation with our customers, well wishers and stakeholders. If you are interested in becoming a driving force for our growth and phases of design, please request to join our inner circle.

We believe that the mission we embarked on is impossible without collaboration, feedback, contribution of our stakeholders. In coming days we want to step into interactive design process in order to involve our customers and other stakeholders. We also want to launch a movement to inspire and promote Eco-ethical product making, please request to join our inner circle to be a part of the change making.

We want you to ask us the tough questions and to push us to provide only the best with our goods and Eco-ethical approach to a more planet oriented lifestyle through sustainable design. 

***P.S. The formation of Inner Circle platform is under process and we’ll come back with the good news soon.