People, dignity, and productivity

At Good&Green we believe in people and whatever we do people gets highest priority. We think making a difference is hard work. Helping others is hard work. And doing good is hard work. Talking can’t not make any difference, you must walk your talk. With whoever we work with we try hard to make sure […]

Hard problem, global warming & 8 facts you should know about jute

What do you do when you face the hardest problems of all? In general, we try to do one of 3 things: 1. escape 2. ignore 3. try to understand the problem and solve it. However, most critical problems are inescapable. There is no way out. You try to comprehend it and then fix it. […]

Introducing ‘I Love Series’ of shopping bag

We are very pleased to announce our new range of ‘I Love Series’ shopping bags. These bags are made of Jute Fabric, bleached to look white, 100% bio-degradable and ethically produced. The inspiration behind such a design is to accommodate your passion for your country, brand, within our design. A ‘I love Series’ will boost […]

Good & Green aims at inspiring Eco-ethical living

In last few years the world has gone through few significant shifts. Human civilization has made immense progress in achieving growth and development by advancing technology. On the other hand, our long demanded sustainability fall into the brink of question and climate change has become the most critical problem human race has ever faced. The […]